TypingMaster is software for mastering touch typing, namely the art of typing using ten fingers without relying on the sense of sight. After mastering touch typing, you will be able to type while keeping your eyes focused on the screen without looking at the keyboard keys.

By using TypingMaster, your typing speed will also increase rapidly. Of course, provided that you use it every day until your ability to type reaches an advanced level.

TypingMaster Features
TypingMaster provides a number of typing lessons with different levels of difficulty to guide you step by step. You will find out the correct placement of your fingers on the keyboard and what letters each finger should type through these lessons.

As a tool, a keyboard and a pair of virtual hands will appear on the screen to help you learn to type when using TypingMaster.

During the typing session, a widget called Typing Meter will collect statistical data to measure the speed of your fingers in typing and at the same time to analyze your typing habits. Statistical data also contains how much you have typed and how far you have progressed in typing.

TypingMaster is also able to monitor how you type. If you have difficulty typing something, for example words with capital letters, then TypingMaster will offer you to take a special training session. This training session is focused on overcoming problems that arise repeatedly when you are in the middle of a typing session.

There are also several games specifically designed to hone your typing skills further. The more often you practice and play games, the faster you will progress in typing.

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Once you are skilled enough at typing, you can use the TypingMaster Satellite feature. This feature tracks your daily typing activities, for example when typing assignments in Microsoft Word, and then provides input to correct existing deficiencies.

Download the Latest TypingMaster
TypingMaster is released with a shareware license for all computers using the Windows operating system. For seven days, you are free to use TypingMaster to find out whether the software suits your needs. However, don’t expect to master touch typing in that short time because touch typing requires patience and patience.

How quickly you can master touch typing depends on your talent and training intensity. If you use TypingMaster for hours every day, in about two weeks there will probably be a few words you can type without looking at the keyboard at all.

When undergoing a typing session on TypingMaster, we recommend focusing your practice on accuracy first rather than speed. In this way, you will be able to type quickly with ten fingers without having to repeatedly delete words because of typos. Download the latest and free TypingMaster for Windows:


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Last Update: 16 September 2023